Monday, June 05, 2006

Application as Editor of Open Directory Project Failed Again

As expected, I received the email from ODP that my application to be a volunteer editor has been rejected, of course, without proper reason. Here's the email that been sent by ODP, and it's actually a template, used whenever for rejected application:

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Open Directory Project editor.
After careful review, we have decided not to approve your application at
this time. The most common reasons a reviewer will deny a new application
include, but are not limited to,

* Incomplete application. Insufficient information has been provided in some
fields including reason, affiliation and/or Sample URLs.
* Improper spelling and grammar.
* Sample URLs are inappropriate for the category which one has applied to
edit. They may be too broad, too narrow, completely out of scope, poor
quality, or in a language inappropriate for the category. All non-English
sites are listed in the World category. Applications for World categories
that include sites only in English will be denied. Likewise, applications
for World categories that include sample URLs in languages other than the one
appropriate for the applied category will be denied.
* Not properly disclosing affiliations with websites that are, or have the
potential of being, listed in the category.
* Titles and descriptions of sample URLs (and other information provided)
were subjective and promotional rather than unbiased and objective. ODP
editors do not rank or write website reviews. ODP editors provide objective
and unbiased descriptions of websites and their content.
* Self-Promotion. Application which leads us to believe that the candidate is
interested primarily in promoting his/her own sites or those with which the
applicant is affiliated. The ODP is not a marketing tool, and should not be
used to circumvent the site submission process. If this is an applicant's
motivation for joining, then we ask him/her not to apply. Editors found to be
inappropriately promoting their own site will be promptly removed.

Due to the large number of applications we get every day, we are unable to
provide personal responses to every application or to respond to inquiries
about why you were rejected. If a reviewer chose to provide additional
comments to you, they will be given in the "Reviewer Comments" section below.

Your willingness to volunteer is greatly appreciated and perhaps we will be
able to utilize your talent in the future.

The Open Directory Project

Reviewer Comments:

The Reviewer Comments section is empty, and it's most likely the case for most rejected application. I feel that it's very unrespected and disgusted to be treated like a person with hidden agenda in ODP. The existing editors seem like very much like to keep the ODP as a treasured pet for themselves. May be there are too much non-genuine application and scam, but with proper system, that can be filtered out. Anyway, it's unlikely I will apply again to be a volunteer. I simply don't see the need to be in that directory. Search engine rules nowadays.