Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Pretty Blogger

I have knew her since secondary school, that's about more than 10 years I guess. I caller her her, because I know her name, but I am confused now, as she said "My frens call me ah bee, bak kean & Vivien", all of which I can't remember is what I used to call her. So from here you can imagine it's quite a long time we never contact each other.

Anyway, that's not important. Most important is she is hot and pretty. Don't believe? Pay a visit at iamMe. Bee Kean, of course I know you're you. But colour wolf, hands off please.

And it's also the rare species (among my friends) who actually blogging, and newest one I found after Pei Fong (no update like me already?)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Little Update

Been busy updating now my main site at My Digital Life which is basically a blog that I hope to be success in blogging for some regular income, or blogging for money. To increase the earning, I have concentrated most of my time on the blog. But I guess now it's time to spend some time on some personal interest again.

I have backed from Hong Kong on March/April and Endau Rompin National Park in Johor, Malaysia on May, yet my travelogues at Travel Diary for the destinations yet to be completed. Plus, the part on the Jordan for Egypt and Jordan Travelogue not yet even started much, which I went in 2004, not to say about plan to migrate and incorporate from the blogspot (Blogger) to my own wordpress blog.

Beside, my trip to Cambodia will be on August, so time is running short for me to update the previous trips, or else my backlogs will get more and more. Beside, I need to spend some time to plan for the Cambodia trip too.

And I just remember that the I don't even document yet about the trip to Sabah which happened in 2002. Hopefully I can get all these done as soon as possible.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Application as Editor of Open Directory Project Failed Again

As expected, I received the email from ODP that my application to be a volunteer editor has been rejected, of course, without proper reason. Here's the email that been sent by ODP, and it's actually a template, used whenever for rejected application:

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Open Directory Project editor.
After careful review, we have decided not to approve your application at
this time. The most common reasons a reviewer will deny a new application
include, but are not limited to,

* Incomplete application. Insufficient information has been provided in some
fields including reason, affiliation and/or Sample URLs.
* Improper spelling and grammar.
* Sample URLs are inappropriate for the category which one has applied to
edit. They may be too broad, too narrow, completely out of scope, poor
quality, or in a language inappropriate for the category. All non-English
sites are listed in the World category. Applications for World categories
that include sites only in English will be denied. Likewise, applications
for World categories that include sample URLs in languages other than the one
appropriate for the applied category will be denied.
* Not properly disclosing affiliations with websites that are, or have the
potential of being, listed in the category.
* Titles and descriptions of sample URLs (and other information provided)
were subjective and promotional rather than unbiased and objective. ODP
editors do not rank or write website reviews. ODP editors provide objective
and unbiased descriptions of websites and their content.
* Self-Promotion. Application which leads us to believe that the candidate is
interested primarily in promoting his/her own sites or those with which the
applicant is affiliated. The ODP is not a marketing tool, and should not be
used to circumvent the site submission process. If this is an applicant's
motivation for joining, then we ask him/her not to apply. Editors found to be
inappropriately promoting their own site will be promptly removed.

Due to the large number of applications we get every day, we are unable to
provide personal responses to every application or to respond to inquiries
about why you were rejected. If a reviewer chose to provide additional
comments to you, they will be given in the "Reviewer Comments" section below.

Your willingness to volunteer is greatly appreciated and perhaps we will be
able to utilize your talent in the future.

The Open Directory Project

Reviewer Comments:

The Reviewer Comments section is empty, and it's most likely the case for most rejected application. I feel that it's very unrespected and disgusted to be treated like a person with hidden agenda in ODP. The existing editors seem like very much like to keep the ODP as a treasured pet for themselves. May be there are too much non-genuine application and scam, but with proper system, that can be filtered out. Anyway, it's unlikely I will apply again to be a volunteer. I simply don't see the need to be in that directory. Search engine rules nowadays.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Apply to be Open Directory Project (ODP) Editor

Today when I recovered my posts, I came across my post about ODP Open Directory Project which aims to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors. I used to apply a few times to become an volunteer editor for ODP, but none success. I finally gave out as I concentrate into blogging for money.

And now I will try to apply again, let's see how hard it's to "volunteer" to become ODP editor. I never fail to volunteer in any social events that I want to volunteer, except ODP. Of course, those who review my application in ODP may feel that I may have "udang di sebalik batu" (in Malay language, which means hidden purpose), as some website owners hope listing in ODP will helps their websites to boost the ranking in search engines, but I guess for most professional seo (search engine optimization) expert out there, ODP is either a miss or they would have ways to get around it.

Blog Been Deleted by Blogger

All my blogs that been hosted by Blogger on BlogSpot server been deleted in one go, without notice or warning or clarification. What happened was when I logged in to Blogger and looked at the Dashboard, I had a rude shock. My dashboard was empty, and all the blogs were gone. And of course, when I tried to access the blog, it returned Blogger: 404 error.

I emailed the Blogger Support, and waited for 3 days before a reply came (may be it's because of weekend, hence the delay, as subsequent correspendence was fast). Alexandar from Blogger Team said "It seems that your blogs were mistakenly targeted by our automated spam classifying system. However, I have checked your blogs and can verify that they comply with our Terms of Service. I was able to restore them to your account, so you should see them the next time you log in. I also cleared them for regular use so that this problem will not recur. Note that you will need to republish your blogs in order for them to be visible online again."

Unfortunately, he helped me to restore all my blogs except this. As I don't have any backup for my posts, so I have to get back all posts from search engines' cached copy, if they're still available. And Google cache is fast dropping the pages from its storage, with now the cached copies on available up to August 2005. So I will try my best to recover and restore previous posts, but some may have gone infinitely.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finished 5.6km Again in JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

After ran at last year JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, this year I ran again with more colleagues of my company. Last year we had only 5 persons from the company, this year the group grew to almost 15 persons.

But I found I was weaker this year, although the timing a just a little faster than last year timing. Even so, I found I was more tired nowadays, unable to run for too long distance, may be due to the fact that I seldom exercise nowadays. So most of the route I was walking instead. Luckily I was still able to finish the course.

This is the third year for JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge event in happens in Singapore. And I just noticed that I have actually participated in all three of them, so far. First year as a volunteer, right after I back from Jordan, and last 2 years as runner.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Treasure Life

Just received sms from San Yew that Teoh Hang Weng, one of my 'political' activity mates in university has passed away. I was a bit shocked actually. Although we have not contacted each other since graduation from university, and we had some arguments during university time, but loss of life at the age of 32 is still something I can't apprehend.

I first faced, and awared with the issue of death at about year of 1997 or 1998. That time, Fu Niang (direct vocal translation) passed away, due to (I heard) high fever. I always met her in the library. She is a very outstanding girl. You can imagine, at that point of time, she was the secretary of the University of Malaya's Chinese Language Society. Well, from that day onwards, she nowhere to be found. I feel like a loss of something.

Then came the passed away of Tian Yu (again, direct vocal translation). I not so close with him, but he was then the boyfriend of my only good friend in Second College at the time, Shiow Miin. He died because of an accident. Shiow Miin (I heard, again) cried for a few days at University of Malaya's Varsity Lake.

Anyway, Hang Weng is helping a Chinese primary school in legal matter, so his news was shown on newspaper. Here's the excerpt:

ChinaPress (9 March 2006)
(檳城9日訊)新中華小校方律師團的成員之一趙漢榮律師,今早不幸心臟病猝發逝世。32歲的趙漢榮,未婚,生前已有1名親密的女朋友。他是於今早上午8時許在其位於高淵的住家突感不適,被其父趙國民送往爪夷縣醫院不久后身亡。據瞭解,趙漢榮在送院途中已陷入昏迷,死因是心臟血管阻塞。其父親趙國民為1名小販,趙漢榮是家中長子,有一弟一妹。死者趙漢榮是於1999年畢業於馬來亞大學法律系,曾當選1996/97年馬大學生代表,生前為北海C/O MESSRS WONG-CHOOI& MOHD.NOR律師樓的執業律師,同時也非常積極參與政治,是民政黨黨員。隨著新中華小事件爆發后,他也是校方律師團的成員之一,過去幾個月來,一直在為新中小學的訴訟案奔波。
Sin Chew Daily (9 March 2006)

拆校官司未了新中律師趙漢榮病逝updated:2006-03-09 20:24:28 MYT(北海訊)在威北新中學校的拆校官司尚未完結之際,校方律師團的4位代表律師之一的趙漢榮,不幸的在週四(9日)早上9時左右因心臟病發作而逝世。据知,現年才32歲的趙漢榮(未婚)在週四早上8時許原本要到法庭時,突然覺得不舒服,致電給家人要求送他到醫院治療。豈知在送到威南雙溪峇甲的政府醫院後,即因心臟病而不治身亡。趙漢榮是威南人,在大山腳日新國中畢業後,就在馬來亞大學法律系肄業,生前是民政黨法律局的委員,並在去年當新中學校被發展商手持庭令拆除兩次不果後,就毅然與謝隆泰、許文思及馮繼宗四人組成律師團,接手新中學校的拆校官司。据新中學校律師團代表之一的許文思受詢時指出,趙漢榮是他的學弟,為人活潑、熱心、開朗及樂於助人。在大學時期,趙漢榮已是個很活躍的學生領袖,曾擔任過馬大華裔生代表。他表示在接獲噩耗時實在很難相信趙漢榮已經真的逝世了,並表示時常都有和漢榮保持聯絡,雖然他住在檳島而漢榮則在威南,但是只要有時間,他們都會相聚在一起喝茶聊天。他表示漢榮平時都有做運動和打羽毛球,而朋友和其家人都不知道他有心臟病。義務為新中打官司校方對漢榮逝世表哀悼威北新中學校董事長黃旭寬對趙漢榮的英年早逝深表惋惜,並表示死者是一名年輕和積極的律師,在新中事件上給予很大的幫忙,而且都是義務性質,不收費。他說,在去年當發展商前往新中學校拆校的時候,就是趙漢榮負責駕車,載著他和許文思從北海法庭趕到檳城高庭去申請庭令,才來得及阻止發展商進一步拆除校舍。他說,趙漢榮為人很隨和又積極,每次新中事件開庭時,都會出席給予協助及咨詢,並會和董事部及相關單位共同商討對策。他表示新中學校董事和校長等人,將會到死者府上憑吊。
Anyway, I found this website while searching for Hang Weng name - Halaman Web Kelab PENA which dated back from year 2000! It obviously is a political website from the so called 'green' side of University of Malaya Malay students. I am quite surprise with the commitment and advancement of them. If I should then spent more time, then the university life will be more fruitful.