Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blog Been Deleted by Blogger

All my blogs that been hosted by Blogger on BlogSpot server been deleted in one go, without notice or warning or clarification. What happened was when I logged in to Blogger and looked at the Dashboard, I had a rude shock. My dashboard was empty, and all the blogs were gone. And of course, when I tried to access the blog, it returned Blogger: 404 error.

I emailed the Blogger Support, and waited for 3 days before a reply came (may be it's because of weekend, hence the delay, as subsequent correspendence was fast). Alexandar from Blogger Team said "It seems that your blogs were mistakenly targeted by our automated spam classifying system. However, I have checked your blogs and can verify that they comply with our Terms of Service. I was able to restore them to your account, so you should see them the next time you log in. I also cleared them for regular use so that this problem will not recur. Note that you will need to republish your blogs in order for them to be visible online again."

Unfortunately, he helped me to restore all my blogs except this. As I don't have any backup for my posts, so I have to get back all posts from search engines' cached copy, if they're still available. And Google cache is fast dropping the pages from its storage, with now the cached copies on available up to August 2005. So I will try my best to recover and restore previous posts, but some may have gone infinitely.


talkingidiot said...

hi.. my blogs were deleted by blogger too. i contacted them but no reply yet. i hope i get my blogs back.

Partnership said...

Please respond to this post and tell me who Alexander is and how we may be able to contact him. the one Google employee on the help boards can't seem to be able to really help anyone with their rmissing blogs. (Mine has been gone 3 weeks already.) I would really appreciate your response, Thanks

alantanblog said...

That's the disadvanatge using free service! self hosting blog+domain cost abt rm60/years now