Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Little Update

Been busy updating now my main site at My Digital Life which is basically a blog that I hope to be success in blogging for some regular income, or blogging for money. To increase the earning, I have concentrated most of my time on the blog. But I guess now it's time to spend some time on some personal interest again.

I have backed from Hong Kong on March/April and Endau Rompin National Park in Johor, Malaysia on May, yet my travelogues at Travel Diary for the destinations yet to be completed. Plus, the part on the Jordan for Egypt and Jordan Travelogue not yet even started much, which I went in 2004, not to say about plan to migrate and incorporate from the blogspot (Blogger) to my own wordpress blog.

Beside, my trip to Cambodia will be on August, so time is running short for me to update the previous trips, or else my backlogs will get more and more. Beside, I need to spend some time to plan for the Cambodia trip too.

And I just remember that the I don't even document yet about the trip to Sabah which happened in 2002. Hopefully I can get all these done as soon as possible.

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