Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cheaper Way to Get to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

The official one-way express rail fare from Kuala Lumpur Central station to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is RM 35.00. It's expensive, but it's possible to as low as RM12.50 to travel from KL Sentral to KLIA. It's all due to the fare structure different between so called KLIA Express and KLIA Transit. Basically, KLIA Express is the direct express rail service to KLIA from KL Sentral, for RM 35.00, while KLIA Transit stops at several station along the way, with cheaper fare because it mainly caters for locals. A closer examination on the ERL fare structure at Express Rail Link will reveal some interesting fact. The fare is listed at KLIA-Transit section.

KL Sentral --> Bdr. Tasik Selatan RM 4.20
KL Sentral --> Putrajaya RM 9.50
KL Sentral --> Salak Tinggi RM 12.50
KL Sentral --> KLIA RM 35.00


Bdr. Tasik Selatan --> Putrajaya RM5.30
Putrajaya --> KLIA RM6.20

So to save money on fares:

1. Either take the ERL to Putrajaya for RM9.50. Get down and buy another ticket from Putrajaya to KLIA for RM6.20. Total cost works out to RM15.70 instead of RM35.00 The inconvenience is having to wait for the next train for about 15 mins(peak) or 20 mins(non-peak). But the substantial saving of RM19.30 per person may be worthwhile.

2. Take the Komuter to Bdr. Tasik Selatan for only RM1.00. From here take the ERL to Putrajaya for RM5.30. Get down and buy another ERL ticket to KLIA for RM6.20. The total costs add up to only RM12.50 instead of RM35.00. This option is cheaper by RM3.20 but the additional hassle may not be worth the additional saving.

ERL is banking on the fact that despite this apparent weakness in the fare structure, nobody will take advantage of it mainly because everybody is in such a hurry nowadays!


KaBOOM said...

Ha! Easy to post a story based on some lazy Internet browsing. Be a man! Let us know only if you have actually done this!

LK said...

The info is correct as of time of writing.