Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lost, and Found Again

I read a news report about where on earth, when you lose an item, you will have the highest chance that somebody picks it up and returns it to you. In that report, Singapore ranked among the highest. Today, it seemed like it's a bit proven.

I lost my PDA on the bus. I believed the PDA just slipped down my bag, but I didn't notice it. I alighted the bus halfway the bus route, and when I noticed that my PDA was gone, the bus was long left.

I suspected that the PDA was left behind in the bus. But to be certain, I called back to office to check if the PDA was there, as I pretty sure that I took it with me when I left home this morning. It's not in the office. I called SBSTransit hotline, the office was closed. Finally, I called the TransitLink hotline (1800-CALLONE), and was given the phone number for SBSTransit Lost & Found (63837211) and Tampines Interchange Control Centre (67811360).

As the bus was heading to Tampines Interchange, I called them first. The first guy who picked up my phone thought I was his friend or something, kept telling me where is the Tampines Interchange. The second guy took my phone number, and promised me they will call me IF somebody returns the PDA. At this point, I decided to give up any hope of recovering the PDA.

As I was on the bus back home, somebody called me. He picked up my PDA! Victor Aw picked up my PDA on the bus. The PDA does have my number, but it's hidden. So Victor Aw found Aki's phone number. I wrote her phone number, together with her chinese name in the PDA's note when we volunteered for 117th IOC session. Luckily, Aki could recalled that I am the one wrote her name in Chinese.

So, thanks to Victor Aw, the nice guy, with her wife, and Aki indirectly, I got back the PDA. Victor Aw actually waited me at Han's at Century Square. He is such a friendly guy. Too bad I didn't have much thing for him, except some drinks.

Well, guess Singapore rating might go up a bit?

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