Monday, April 25, 2005

Google Search Engine Challenge

Finally, my travelogue on travel to Egypt and Jordan is been indexed by Google Search Engine. However, the spider only crawled the index page only, not yet crawls the archive pages yet. Think I still need to give Google some time to pick up everything.

Getting indexed by Google has been the big challenge for me. They're simply too many suggestions by expert on so how to get listed in Google, including how to get listed in 2 days. I am not sure if the method linking from high PageRank site will works or not, as my 2 other blogs haven't been even noticed by Google yet since I joined a link exchange program 3 days ago. And frankly, to find a high PageRank site that willing to link to you is not easy.

Here is what I found DID work to get my blog listed:

1. Posting in forum: I tried that in Blogger Forum. I posted a few posts with the link to my blog and it get Google noticed it in a day or two, although hasn't crawled the blog yet. And I also found that by putting the link in the signature is not working, as my two other blogs haven't even been noticed by Google, despite so many links to them have been captured by Google in my signature in forum.

2. Link from directory: I am not sure if it's just plain coincidental. But once my travel blog get listed in a travel directory, my index page is been crawled, and now search result returns proper blog title and description.

What I am not sure is whether Add URL in Google is actually working or not, as I did submit my blog via Add URL, while my other 2 blogs are not. And also link exchange. My other 2 blogs are currently on link exchange with other blogs only, some of them even have PageRank of 6. So let's see if they will get noticed and crawled by Google soon.

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