Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lose $5 for EZ-Link and may be friendship?

EZ-Link card is the only stored value card that can be used on public transport in Singapore. Previously, whenever you buy an EZ-Link Card, you need to pay additional $5 as deposit. However, nowadays, for new EZ-Link card that is been issued, the $5 no longer refundable.

Been kiasu (Singapore term for afraid to lose out), I bought additional 2 EZ-Link card just before the day all new cards no longer refundable took effect. I have other intention too other than kiasu, one is what if I lose my existing card? Another is so that whenever my family or my friends come to Singapore, I can borrow them the card instead of them buy the new card and pay the unnecessary $5.

My colleague saw I put the 2 EZ-Link card on my computer table. She called me and wanted to buy 1 from me. Of course I said cannot as it's not fair to me as I have to pay the $5 to buy a new card, and also not fair to my smartness :). Yet she was so not embarassed, insisting in getting 1 from me. What can I do? Worst, she took it and paid me only $6.60, the usable card value. How about the invisible $5 deposit?

I am very not happy with this incident. This is not because I am so stingy about $5. All the while I have been so kind to her, letting her to use my pc almost everyday (I stay above her office, actually is company hostel). Besides, I don't say a word too about the colleagues, including her downstair wear the shoe straight into my hostel. Although she is kind to me too, but I think it's good if she leave my things intact, don't spoil too much of my privacy. Arrgghhhh, think I need to give her some warning....

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