Saturday, April 30, 2005

Can Valuair considers a Budget Airline?

Over the last year, 3 budget airlines, or low-cost carrier (LCC), or no-frill airlines, emerge in Singapore. Valuair was the first to start flying. But the problem is I don't think Valuair's air fares are attractive enough. Of all the 6 destinations Valuair currently serve, namely Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Perth, Xiamen and Chengdu, the air fares are just slight lower than the conventional airlines. And to get the cheapest air fares from Valuair, you need to book extra early. So initially I was very excited to know that finally there is a 'budget carrier' that fly to Xiamen and Chengdu in China. But after I saw the airfare, it's sort of more of the same with other airlines, including SilkAir.

To be fair, I like Valuair all passengers pay the same fare feature. It won't let us get physiological unbalanced after knowing other passengers paying considerably lower than me. Or even worse, the case with Tiger Airways that the air fare get cheaper.

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