Sunday, May 01, 2005

Photo from David Tao 陶喆 太平盛世 音乐会

The David Tao Mini Concert Stage. Due to late entry, the angle was bad.

Wild from London, England

All female 5-member Wild. They performed before David Tao.

Finally, David Tao

Closer to the corner

David Tao with Yes 933 DJs

David Tao when singing 就是爱你

Played games with David Tao

A head blocked the view

Another gesture when David Tao sang

Shout it!

Faced the corner again

Whenever he sang, this is the most common gesture.

陶喆 David Tao running all over stage towards end of the concert.

Asked the audiences to sing along when sang 爱很简单

Thanks his supporters.

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