Friday, May 13, 2005

Am I going to lose $36,000?

It looks like I am simply too naive or trust her too much. Jacqueline's mum just called me and said want to convert our boutique business from retail to distributorship. She never mentioned about money, but Jacqueline did ask more from me few days ago by sms. I think that's enough, and what's more, I cannot afford to lose more money. I now really believe she is getting rid of me.

Story began about a year ago when Jacqueline, my ex-colleague found me and wanted to start a boutique business together. The catch is, I invest all the capital and she will put in all her effort. Things worked well in the beginning, but she started to ask for more money in November, despite kept telling me that business is okay.

I have wanted to give up, but the dilemma now is how not to lose money, or if really have to lose, how to lose as less as possible. I wanted to take up the business all by myself, but I don't have time to run it. Beside, as she runs everything, she can simply tell me that the boutique is not making money, so I might lose everything. Anyway, I have decided to not spend a single cent more. Others really on how much she going to pay back the trust I put on her. God bless!

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