Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blogger Really Sucks with Errors

Today I had been hit with technical glitches and errors of Blogger. My Nothern Vietnam Travelogue is the only one that been hit. Firstly, the blog was unavailable. All link to it been redirected to Blogger: 404 - Page not found. This is very bad. Then whenever I wanted to publish a post, index page or entire blog, I will be getting a few error message with fail status.

001 EOF while reading from control connection

550 Could not open: No such file or directoryblog/44/59/8/northernvietnam/archives/2005_05_25_northernvietnam_archive.html550

Could not open: No such file or directoryblog/44/59/8/northernvietnam/atom.xml

I am getting very frustuated with Blogger, although it's first time I encountered it. Before that I used to read about the problems faced by other Blogger users, but I just thought that it wouldn't happen to me. Now it happens, and I can feel how others felt. Blogger really sucks!

Update (17 March 2006): For those who comes to here because Blogger issue, check out Blogger Status, which stated that some blogs may having problems. So just be patient.

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