Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Complain the Budget Airlines

According to The New Paper, there were a total of 45 complaints against Budget Airlines (or Low Cost Carriers) so far. There were some ridiculous complaints, like promotion gimmicks, unable to log on to the websites during promotion, and even unable to get the advertised promotion air fares! It's best that their complaints can leads to all fares are low fares anytime to anywhere. :)

One thing is out of 45, 32 were against Tiger Airways, mostly involved over-charging the customers. I wonder why Tiger Airways can let this kind of things happened. I used to buy Tiger Airways tickets, but no problem at all. Anyway I feel that Tiger Airways website is the most not intuitive and attractive among 4 budget airlines in Singapore, other been AirAsia, ValuAir and JetStar Asia. Beside, it's also the only online booking system that can easily identified they're using Amelia from InteliSys Aviation System.

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